WatchGuard M670 Licences


Firebox® M670 firewalls are specifically engineered for midsize and distributed enterprises that are struggling to effectively and affordably secure networks in the face of explosive growth in bandwidth rates, encrypted traffic, video use, and connection speeds.
What’s more, the ability to add network modules for greater port density gives you the flexibility to adapt as the network grows and evolves.

While the hardware for this product is no longer being sold, licenses for the software can still be purchased or extended. Support for the product will be available until 2028, ensuring assistance and maintenance for customers during that period. 


M 670

Product Dimensions (W x D x H)16.85” x 12.6” x 1.73” (428 mm x 320 mm x 440 mm)
Power ConsumptionU.S. 75 Watts (max), 256 BTU/hr (max)
Interfaces 10/100/10008
I/O interfaces1 serial/ 2 USB


Up to 34 Gbps firewall throughput. Turn on all security scanning engines and still see up to an amazing 4.2 Gbps throughput.
All logging and reporting functions included with purchase, with over 100 dashboards and reports including PCI and HIPAA.
Gain critical insights about network security, from anywhere and at any time, with WatchGuard Dimension.
Customize your port configuration to meet current needs, knowing you have the flexibility to adapt as the network evolves. This is how to future-proof your network and eliminate costly rip-and-replace scenarios.
High availability capabilities ensure maximum uptime. 

Software support for this product lasts until 2028.