Watchguard provides a fortified Multi Factor Authentication system called Authpoint. Users are required to authenticate their identity through the Authpoint mobile app or a third-party hardware token by accessing a secure resource. This system allows your data within the cloud to be secured and less vulnerable to data thieves.

There is a variety of methods users can select from when it comes to authenticating their identity. The methods Authpoint offer are:

One-time Passwords – An OTP is a short, limited time pass-code that is sent within the Authpoint app. These pass-codes are unique, allowing you quickly and safely authenticate.

Push Notifications – These notifications are sent to a users mobile device subsequent to logging in, which the user will accept and approve in order to successfully log in. Any unauthorised users attempting to breach the program will result in the system denying further access.

QR Code – When attempting a log in, users will be displayed with a QR Graphic that is required to be scanned through the Authpoint app. Scanning the code grants the user a temporary code which is used to authenticate.

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