We can offer a variety of solution at affordable prices to keep you and your employees secure and productive within the home environment.

We can provide you with Short-Term Contracts with a starting price of only £9.99 per user Per Month. Call in to discuss the perfect contract for your organisation and we can install it quickly and easily.

Call us on 0808 1644414 or Email us at sales@justtechgroup.com

We are also currently offering a FREE 120 days of WatchGuard Authpoint and DNSWatchGO as an extra wave of support to help your team stay secure throughout this tough period

For more information on WatchGuard Authpoint, click here.

Web Conferencing and Classrooms

Gain access to a valuable communication resource, allowing you to conference your employees from anywhere at anytime. Carry on with regular meetings and agendas like normal from the comfort of your home environment. Classrooms are also available for your staff to continue any necessary training and to get it complete within regular time requirements.

Online Status

Have the ability to view what members of staff are online and who is available to contact. This simple feature makes it easy for employees to identify whether another member of staff can be contacted at a certain moment of time and see what employees are inactive or are currently busy.

A Quick and Easy Setup

Our Home Working Solution is easy to setup and can have your employees ready to work in no time. Get in contact to see how its done.

SonicWall Secure Mobile Access

SonicWall Secure Mobile Access allows users to access any application at anytime or anywhere through any device. Organisations can simply transfer their data to the cloud with the help of SMA’s key security functions. The context-aware device authorization, granular access control policy engine and advanced authentication with a singular sign on are all top security features that keep businesses like yours safe.

SonicWall VPN Client

SonicWall provide a system called VPN Clients which delivers a secure alternative for your employees accessing data and resources. This system can keep all users productive as it covers most mobile operating systems, such as, iOS, OS X, Android, Chrome OS, Kindle Fire and Windows. VPN Clients can protect your employees and data from cyber criminals and other network threats.