With a wealth of experience, the knowledgeable team of experts at Just Firewalls can provide you with valuable advice on the best firewall to protect your business. With all the cyber-villains and malware lurking on the internet today, you must ensure that you are fully protected. That means safeguarding your organisation, your data and your people – around the clock – wherever they are located.

At Just Firewalls, we don’t just ship the box out to you. We can also provide you with installation services. That’s because we have an in-house team of fully qualified engineers. It’s all about making sure that you get the very best out of your new firewall solution.

Whatever your firewall needs, we have the perfect firewall appliance. Our full range caters for all sizes of business – from corporate data centres to small home offices.

Check out our complete ranges of firewall appliances.

Choosing the right firewall appliances for your business is vital

Whether you are a small, medium or enterprise-sized business, choosing the appropriate system to safeguard your organisation is critical in today’s fast paced and dynamic world of cyber threat prevention.

At Just Firewalls, our qualified experts are dedicated to helping you find the right firewall security solution for your business. Our team is well-versed in all the latest firewall appliances. This includes next generation firewalls and secure remote access, as well as managed firewall services.

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Increasing protection and reducing complexity

Just Firewalls is a leading supplier of business firewall appliances. When it comes to firewalls, we know exactly what our customers need. Our goal is to help you safeguard your business and keep things running seamlessly with minimal fuss. We’re not here to make things more complex than they need to be. In other words: we won’t be constantly providing your organisation with unnecessary add-ons, installs and upgrades.

That’s why we’re called Just Firewalls. We just want to protect your business in the simplest and most efficient way possible.

Advanced Threat Protection

We will enable your organisation to block malware, intrusions and unproductive applications with unmatched performance from our range of products and features. Regardless of the size of your organisation, number of employees and number of locations, we will make sure you gain control and ownership of your network traffic with the right firewall to match your exact business requirements.

Why should your organisation opt for Just Firewalls?

For starters, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to providing firewall appliances for a wide range of businesses across various industry sectors. In fact, the company behind Just Firewalls has been providing IT services since 2006. Today, our mission is clear. We provide UK businesses with the best and most comprehensive network security solutions – without any hidden agendas.

Simple and effective firewall solutions

We pride ourselves on providing simple firewall solutions that are designed to effectively safeguard your network. With a wealth of options from leading technology providers –including SonicWall and WatchGuard – we are here to help companies like yours to choose the best firewall appliances for their business.

No-nonsense solutions

Just Firewalls has processes in place that are designed to make purchasing firewall appliances quick, easy and secure. On this site, you will find a comprehensive range of options combined with all the information you need to make a well-informed purchase. We can also provide additional advice if you contact us.

Unbeatable value

Whether you have a large or a limited budget, we will provide high performance security products that are right for your business. That’s because, at Just Firewalls, we believe that online and cyber security services should never be compromised by cost. Every organisation deserves adequate protection.

Enterprise security

We offer a completely comprehensive range of firewalls. That means that no matter what size your business, we will have something to suit your exact requirements. From small home offices to multi-site global corporations, we will provide your business with an enterprise-level security solution – regardless of your size.

What type of firewall would work best for your business?


Introducing hardware-type firewall appliances

The real beauty of our hardware range of firewalls is that they are designed to protect your whole network across your entire organisation.

With software-based options, you will need to carry out an installation on each individual computer. However, hardware-type options sit on the network and monitor all web-based traffic before it reaches your machines.

Ultimately, when it comes to hardware firewalls, you need to make the right choice for your business. These firewall appliances come in many different shapes and sizes. It all depends on your business requirements. Do you need to protect a small number of devices or are you looking to safeguard thousands of machines across multiple sites? At Just Firewalls, we’ll provide you with the right advice and help you to make the right decision.

In addition, you can choose the level of access your staff are given on your system. This means you can limit access to core programmes, or you can leave your staff free to roam the internet. The choice is yours.

Introducing software-type firewalls

Software-type firewalls are also known as personal firewalls. These firewalls are more common than hardware firewalls and they are usually run as a programme on specific computer systems. They are customisable, which means that the end user can control functionality and protection features.

However, in our opinion, hardware firewalls provide a greater level of security than software firewalls. That’s because software firewalls can only secure or protect the system where it was installed, whereas hardware-type firewalls will protect the entire network.

We’ll help you to make the right firewall decision

Whatever your organisation’s firewall requirements, our experts will advise you on the appropriate system to safeguard your business.

Our mission is to help you find, install and manage the right firewall appliances to protect your business, your people and your data in the long term.

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