WatchGuard Firebox M290 with 3-yr Standard Support

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Firebox M470 firewalls are specifically engineered for midsize and distributed enterprises that are struggling to effectively and affordably secure networks in the face of explosive growth in bandwidth rates, encrypted traffic, video use, and connection speeds.
With an operating system built on the latest generation of processors from Intel, the M470 has all the power they need to run their security scanning engines in parallel, without causing a bottleneck in performance – while still leaving “head room” to add future engines as security trends evolve.


An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack is a type of network attack that uses advanced malware and zero-day exploits to get access to networks and confidential data over extended periods of time. APT attacks are highly sophisticated and often target specific, high-profile institutions, such as government or financial-sector companies. Use of this advanced malware has also expanded to target smaller networks and lower-profile organisations.
Because APT attacks use the latest targeted malware techniques and zero-day exploits (flaws that software vendors have not yet discovered or fixed) to infect and spread within a network, traditional signature-based scan techniques do not provide adequate protection against these threats. APT malware is designed to reside within a network for an extended period of time. The communication from the malware is hidden, and all evidence of the presence of the malware is removed, which allows it to evade detection.