WatchGuard APT Blocker 1-yr for Firebox T70

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SKU: WGT70171

WatchGuard’s newest hardware appliance sets the standard for tabletop performance, boasting the highest performance levels across the most critical benchmarks. The WatchGuard Firebox T70 will make network slowdown concerns a thing of the past, with blazing-fast performance capable of delivering full UTM protection at over 1 gigabit per second.

While the hardware for this product is no longer being sold, licenses for the software can still be purchased or extended. Support for the product will be available until 2025, ensuring assistance and maintenance for customers during that period.



Firewall throughput of up to 4 Gbps to keep traffic moving
Industry-leading UTM throughput speed of over 1 Gbps
Built-in management and visibility console provides high-level and granular views into all network activity for quick preventive or remedial action
Intel AES-NI instruction set provides users with accelerated HTTPS performance, which is critical in protecting against all types of malware
WatchGuard’s comprehensive portfolio of network security services boosts protection in critical attack areas
Your security investment is future- proofed, with the only appliance available today that can keep up with the continuously expanding speeds of fiber broadband

Software support for this product lasts until 2025.