NEW! AuthPoint Hardware Token (10 units box)

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AuthPoint MFA – That’s Powerfully Easy

Push-Based Authentication -Secure authentication with one-touch approval. You see who’s trying to authenticate, and where, and can block unauthorized access to your resources.
QR Code-Based Authentication – Use your camera to read a unique, encrypted QR code with a challenge that can only be read with the app. The response is typed in, to finalize the authentication.
Time-Based One-Time Password (OTP) – Retrieve your dynamic, time-based, one-time password as displayed, and enter it during login.
The risk of a security breach due to stolen credentials is ever-present and delivering robust authentication is now more important than ever. Many of your customers are struggling to provide the tools and resources employees need without compromising security. Cloud-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) services like WatchGuard’s AuthPoint offer all you need to mitigate credential theft, fraud, and phishing attacks.


AuthPoint Hardware Token (10 units box)