Why remote work needs a firewall security upgrade?

Why remote work needs a firewall security upgrade?

Maybe switching to remote working was your idea? Perhaps it was a consequence of the pandemic? Actually, it worked out so well that you’re now thinking of offering it as an option even when we all go back to normal, right? 

We’re sure your employees will be extremely thankful, but do your business a favour: don’t forget about firewall security when implementing remote working arrangements!

With employees working from different computers and locations, your business is open to many more online threats if you’ve switched to remote working without a proper firewall update.

Let’s look into this issue so that you can find the right solution for your needs.

Network firewall security

One thing’s for sure: when your employees are all in the same office or building, it’s much easier to control the hardware and software they use. 

However, this changes when they’re all working from different places. 

Some of them will be using their home computers for work. Most employees will probably save their work-related passwords for a quicker routine. And let’s be honest: sometimes they might even connect their laptop to Starbucks’ public Wi-Fi.

With so many cybersecurity pitfalls, working remotely without a firewall upgrade is basically like organising a party for hackers and sending them a polite invitation to it! 

Just to name a few:

  • most businesses fail to provide cybersecurity training to their staff, especially after switching to remote working
  • the fact that some employees use their own devices opens the door to additional risks like malware
  • the virtual gap between your main network and all of your employees’ devices is easier to infiltrate

When thinking of cyberattacks, you might be telling yourself, ‘it’ll never happen to my company.’ 

Sadly, the reality is different: in the UK alone, a small business is hacked every 19 seconds.

This can lead to several threatening scenarios like:

  • ransomware that encrypts your data and asks for money in order to send you the unlock code
  • phishing (theft of sensitive information)
  • leakage of your customers’ data

As well as financial damage, you’re also putting your day-to-day operations and company image at risk.

SME’s are often at the greatest risk of cyberattacks

We’ve been led to believe that cyberattacks only happen to big corporations, but, as you now know, it’s actually the opposite. Hackers know that it’s SMEs that are more likely to overlook cybersecurity issues. Plus, working from home has added another level of threats.

That’s why, regardless of where exactly your employees are working and to what type of Wi-Fi they’re connected, it’s vital to consider a firewall update.

This will secure the encryption between all remote working devices and your network as well as keep them safe from malware and attacks.

Firewall security would benefit SMEs

How to test firewall security?

The best way to test your current firewall security is to perform a penetration test, which is something our Just Technology Group specialises in and can help you with. 

While it’s important to test your firewall periodically to avoid dangerous misconfigurations, a thorough penetration test is particularly necessary if you’ve just switched to remote working without a firewall upgrade.

Just so you’re mentally prepared, in most cases it’ll show you that your current firewall isn’t suitable for home working. Ouch.

How to test firewall security

Internet security firewall: Our home working solution

To ensure full network firewall security even when working from home you must opt for a firewall that’s specifically designed for remote working arrangements.

Basically, meet our home working solution! It takes firewall security to the next level thanks to an integrated VPN. What’s that, you ask?!

A virtual private network is the ace up the sleeve of most modern firewalls. It creates a virtual encrypted tunnel between your business’s usual on-network resources and all of your new off-network devices (e.g. your employees’ computers and laptops). 

By doing so, it protects the data of both your business and employees.

Our internet security firewall helps you work from home safely

While you can always choose among a large variety of firewalls security products, our home working solutions are the most likely to be the right choice for you in this instance.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Just Firewalls to discuss the specific needs of your business. We’ll be happy to recommend the right deal to ensure maximum network firewall security and meet the requirements of your remote working situation.

After all, from more flexibility to saving time on the commute and higher productivity, remote working comes with lots of benefits for both your employees and your business: let’s implement it safely with the right firewall upgrade!