SonicWall Mid-Year Cyber Threat Report

This is the SonicWall Cyber Threat mid-year update on everything that’s happened in the Cyber world. Let us tell you, many things have happened. Many hacks, bugs, malware and ransomware attacks. Not just on big companies like Microsoft, Android or Apple, many smaller business have been hit even though their horror didn’t make the news, attacks still happened and caused undue amounts of stress and pain. As we’ve seen over the last few months, no company is safe. Big or small, they will attack anyone if they believe they will get something out of it, money or data.

Since the start of the year, it has been full of ups, downs, good and bad. It’s flown by, last time we looked at the date, it was January and we were all getting ready to face another year and praying for a better one then the previous. What we got instead was lots of uncertainty, changes and moments of unprecedented loss.

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In this ever changing landscape, with more and more workers becoming remote, security is harder to achieve when employees aren’t already connected to the secure network your business has set up. Connecting from outside on a unsecure network can create access the hackers can slip through on. Cybercriminals are making more and more from Ransomware attacks due to double extortion and repeated attacks. (Read more about that on page 7 of the report)

Due to the rise in cyber attacks for companies of all sizes, we sell SonicWall products which can help secure your network and systems from cyber crime.

You can read our previously posted SonicWall Cyber Threat predictions from the start of the year to see how much it has changed. Read it here.

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