Differences between cybersecurity and information security

Even though we now conduct most of our lives and business online, cybersecurity is still a fairly unexplored area for far too many companies. In many cases, it’s completely overlooked.

However, this is basically an open invitation for hackers and detrimental scenarios that could easily be avoided.

Don’t worry if cybersecurity sounds like a complicated technical term: it’s actually a very simple concept. We’re going to explain to you exactly what it means and outline the differences between cybersecurity and information security. That way you’ll see why it’s necessary for your business regardless of how small or large it is to enlist the support and expertise of a cybercrime safeguarding specialist like Just Firewalls.

Why cybersecurity matters?

Cybersecurity is vital for any business to ensure the safe and smooth running of its day-to-day operations while avoiding potential pitfalls. 

In fact, overlooking it could lead to cyber-attacks involving hackers stealing your data, blocking access to your company’s operating system, infecting it with malware or ransomware, or other harmful scenarios. 

Cybersecurity is particularly relevant in our data-centric economy where sensitive information is stored in huge quantities and where both corporate and customer data can be at risk. Sadly, cybercrime has only been increasing and it’s expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion every year.

For a business, cyberattacks usually lead to considerable financial losses, but their danger goes beyond that. They could just as easily impact your reputation, finances, valuation, and operations, which is why it’s much safer, wiser, and more convenient to take all the right steps to prevent them.

cybersecurity and information security

What does cybersecurity mean?

Cybersecurity consists of the ability to protect and defend communications across computer networks from different types of cyber-attacks such as phishing, malware, denial-of-service, and more.

While some aspects are similar to information security, cybersecurity only involves the protection of digital data. Information security, on the other hand, focuses on protecting the integrity and confidentiality of data across different forms, including physical ones such as a good old filing cabinet.

How to measure cybersecurity risk?

For businesses like yours, there are three main ways to measure your cybersecurity risk:

  • A vulnerability assessment will evaluate both your hardware and software as well as your existing procedures against known vulnerabilities
  • A cybersecurity audit will evaluate their compliance with more specific requirements
  • Penetration testing compares active assessments to passive inventory through a simulated cyber-attack

Protect your business against cybercrime

You must protect your business against cybercrime regardless of whether you work from a traditional office, remotely, or both. 

In fact, if cybersecurity has slipped your mind after switching to a working-from-home routine, you might also want to look at the most common cybersecurity pitfalls to avoid in your remote working policy.

It’s worrying to see that 43% of SMEs in the UK and the US still lack any type of cybersecurity defence plans. In the pre-digital world, this would be the equivalent of leaving your office door wide open, all the filing cabinets unlocked, and your bank account details on the desk. 

Just like we’re confident you wouldn’t do that, you should be just as cautious when it comes to protecting yourself from cybercrime. Be part of the smarter 57%!

cybersecurity firewalls for businesses

How we can help you with your cybersecurity

At Just Firewalls we offer several types of products to protect your business from all kinds of cyber-attacks, ranging from Cloud Application Security to Multi-Factor Authentication and a varied range of firewalls. 

If you’ve implemented (or are planning to) flexible and working-from-home options for your employees, we’ve also got you covered. You can now find the right home working solution for your specific needs starting at only £9.99 per user every month.

Not sure as to what is the right firewall or cybersecurity solution for your business? Not a problem. 

Get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on 0808 1644414 or emailing us at sales@justfirewalls.com.

We’ll be happy to help you identify the perfect product for your budget and needs so that you can be sure to keep hackers at bay!