You’re most likely using a SaaS App. But who is securing it?

What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a service) is a software distribution model. Applications are hosted by third-party providers who make them available to customers over the internet. Mailchimp, Google apps, ZenDesk are examples of SaaS applications that you most likely use.


What’s the issue?

SaaS application have a load of benefits – from business efficiency and lowering costs. But a technology blog post company called IDC Technology Spotlight have brought forward a slight negative aspect of the cloud model. They state that the cloud model brings “a loss of centralised IT organizational control over data and user activities compared with traditional computing models.”


There is a solution!

The solution – introduced by the security industry – involves returning a “level of control” to the IT security organisation.

CASB ( cloud access security broker) can allow organisations to access the same cloud application as their data and users have access to. Applications accessed by users can be controlled using CASB solutions. It can also be used to control how users use the application and can place restrictions (such as what sort of data users can and cant see or what data can be uploaded/modified). As you can imagine CASB solutions has started to play a major role of an enterprise data protection strategy.