SonicWALL TZ500 Advanced Edition Secure Upgrade 3 Years 01 SSC 1739


Product Info

Includes appliance plus 3 year Advanced Gateway Security Suite.

SKU: 01-SSC-1739

About The TZ500

The TZ500 boasts many impressive features such as this firewalls powerful throughput of 400Mbps; making this SonicWALL the most fool proof choice for a large range of enterprises. Able to handle encrypted attacks the TZ500 is incredibly affordable and a high performing SonicWALL that is able to protect your network from any immediate attack.

With a large bundle of advanced security including anti-malware, intrusion prevention and URL filtering, this Next generation SonicWALL is equipped with all the features needed to keep your enterprise secure. Suitable for small to medium enterprises with around 50 devices this SonicWALL is a leader in advanced network security.

Specification of the firewall:

Firewall Throughput

1.4 Gbps

Full DPI Throughput

400 Mbps

Anti- Malware Throughput

400 Mbps

IPS Throughput

1.0 Gbps

IMIX Throughput

700 Mbps

Max DPI Connections


New Connections/sec