Sonicwall TZ500 | With 8X5 Support 1 Year | 01-SSC-0425


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Sonicwall TZ500 | With 8X5 Support 1 Year | 01-SSC-0425

With a large bundle of advanced security including anti-malware, intrusion prevention and URL filtering, this Next generation SonicWALL is equipped with all the features needed to keep your enterprise secure. Suitable for small to medium enterprises with around 50 devices this SonicWALL is a leader in advanced network security.

SKU: 01-SSC-0425

Sonicwall TZ500, With 8X5 Support for 1 Year

Firewall Product Features:

Recommended Users: 1 - 50

Interfaces: 8 x 1 GbE Copper Interfaces

Firewall Inspection Throughput: 1.4 Gbps

Full DPI Throughput: 200 - 400 Mbps

TLS/SSL Throughput (DPI SSL): 150 Mbps

IMIX Throughput: 700 Mbps

VPN Throughput: 1 Gbps

Maximum Connections: 125,000 (100,000 with DPI)

VLAN Interfaces: 50

Site-to-Site VPN Policies: 25

IPSec VPN Client: 2 (25 max)

SSL VPN Licenses: 2 (150 max)

SonicPoints Supported: 16

SKU 01-SSC-0425