Rolls Royce one of 4 victims in airbus hack attack?

AFP (International news agency based in Paris) has reported that four Airbus suppliers suffered “major attacks”. Worryingly, this attack went undetected until the end of 2018.

The major attack came from Black Hat Hackers trying to steal trade secrets. British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce and French technology consultancy Expleo were the victims of the attack. Also, two other unknown French companies were affected too.

Four attacks reportedly targeted the VPN services the businessmen used to connect to Airbus. Although, the attack happened “long before” it was found at the end of 2018.

 Sources from the AFP reported the hackers who seemed to be attacking the “technical documents linked to the certification process for different parts of the Airbus aircraft.”

The attacks did not give enough evidence for a final assignment. But, based on past attacks, the most likely suspects are Chinese state-sponsored hackers – according to Dave Bittner (The Cyberwire).


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