WatchGuard Reputation Enabled Defense 1-yr for Firebox T30 Models

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SKU: WGT30141


WatchGuard RED uses a cloud-based WatchGuard reputation server that assigns a reputation score between 1 and 100 to every URL. When a user goes to a website, RED sends the requested web address (or URL) to the WatchGuard reputation server. The WatchGuard server responds with a reputation score for that URL.

Based on the reputation score and locally configured thresholds, RED determines whether the Firebox should drop the traffic, allow the traffic and scan it locally with Gateway AntiVirus, or allow the traffic without a local Gateway AntiVirus scan. This increases performance, because Gateway AntiVirus does not need to scan URLs with a known good or bad reputation.

RED is supported in HTTP client proxy actions only. It is not supported in HTTP server proxy actions.