WatchGuard AuthPoint – 3 years – 1000+ users

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AuthPoint is WatchGuard’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) service. With AuthPoint, you can require users to authenticate with the AuthPoint mobile app or a third-party hardware token when they log in to a protected resource, such as a computer, VPN, or a cloud service or application.
Because AuthPoint requires users to authenticate before they log in, data in your cloud applications and services is protected.
AuthPoint uses the latest MFA methods to protect your trusted resources from unauthorised access. You can choose different authentication methods for specific user groups and applications:
Push Notification — When you log in, AuthPoint sends a push notification to your mobile device that you approve to authenticate and log in or deny to prevent an access attempt that was not made by you
QR Code — When you log in, you scan a QR code with the AuthPoint mobile app and use the verification code you receive to authenticate (AuthPoint uses secure QR codes that can only be decrypted by the AuthPoint mobile app)
One-Time Password (OTP) — An OTP is a unique, temporary password available in the AuthPoint app that you use to authenticate