Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service · 5 years · NSA 4650

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SonicWall’s Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service is available on SonicWALL TZ, Network Security Appliance (NSA), and SuperMassive firewalls.


This Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service 5-year licence for the NSA 4650 suite:

  • Has 1-click activation
  • Can be configured in minutes
  • Needs no MX Record changes or redirection
  • Works immediately to block spam, phishing, and virus-laden email
  • Saves bandwidth by blocking junk email at the gateway, before it enters your network
  • Saves time by providing a single point of management for all traffic through the device


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SonicWall’s Anti-Spam Licence is the fast and effective way to add spam, phishing and virus protection to your network security firewall.


By selecting the the Anti-Spam option from the SonicOS interface, your administrator can immediately protect your business from rogue and dangerous emails.


The protection utilises Advanced IP Reputation Management and Cloud-Based Advanced Content Management to monitor and analyse your incoming email. They check sending IP addresses against known spammers and those the fail the test are not even allowed past the gateway… they never enter your business or risk compromising your security.


If the email is not from a known spammer, it is analysed using SonicWall’s “GRIDprints” system that has learned from hundreds of millions of messages the key characteristics of a spam, phishing, or virus-containing email. If the test is failed, the email does not get into your business. And all this is done without exposing the data in the email!


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