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Cloud App Security Delivers…

Zero-Day Threat Protection

New malware threats appear every day, leaving traditional signature-based antivirus tools lagging behind. CAS runs all incoming files and emails through SonicWall’s best-in-class sandboxing and AI-driven analysis tools, fending off the latest zero-day vulnerabilities.

Next-Generation Email Security

Phishing is now a major cyberattack vector. CAS uses AI-driven attachment sandboxing and big-data analyses to stop dangerous emails in their tracks; scanning inbound, outbound, and internal emails within Exchange Online and Gmail platforms.

Reliable Data Loss Prevention

Data can easily be exposed through poorly authorised user logins or insufficiently protected sharing links. CAS classifies sensitive data and ensures it isn’t shared anywhere that it shouldn’t be. It also enforces joined-up, organisation-wide data and access security across your numerous cloud environments.

Auditable, Cross-Solution Visibility

In order to enact and police meaningful SaaS security policies, you need a complete, cross-platform view of your entire cloud landscape. CAS provides an easily auditable top-down view of your whole cloud infrastructure, providing historic and real-time reports.

Advanced Regulatory Compliance

Because it records an in-depth audit trail of every single action, CAS helps to enforce IT policy rules and ensure regulatory compliance across all of your SaaS services. CAS also uses machine learning to identify potentially risky login attempts, “sprayed” password attacks, and other access infractions.

What Cloud Platforms Can Be Secured with SonicWall Cloud App Security?

CAS can secure a wide range of SaaS applications at the forefront of modern enterprise, including but in no way limited to:

Office 365 – Including Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint Online, and Exchange Online
G Suite – Including Gmail, Hangouts, Docs, Sheets, and Drive
… and more!

How Does SonicWall Cloud App Security Work?

Unlike “gateway” security systems that sit between your network and the open internet, Cloud App Security operates through APIs; these are effectively tokens that allow cloud applications to talk to each other. Through API connections, CAS can monitor and control all goings on within your cloud apps, providing unparalleled visibility, security, and peace of mind.

And the best part? Your users don’t need to install software agents in order to enjoy protection through CAS – it all happens in the cloud. There’s no pesky software updates or incompatibilities to worry about – just industry-leading cloud security that doesn’t get in the way of business.

Ready to Get Started with Cloud App Security?

You don’t need a lot to get started with CAS – just a current (or proposed) subscription to a cloud platform and a little help from your colleagues at Just Firewalls.

Our team of cybersecurity experts are here to assist in any way we can. Got any questions? Give us a call on 0808 1644414 or request a call back.


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