Is your PC Infected with the Nodersok Virus?!

Nodersok is a newly developed malware that was found sometime during the summer. It has been designed to install a copy of Node.js framework and to execute certain steps in order to commit this cybercrime.

Users who found and ran these HTA files started a multi-stage infection process involving Excel, JavaScript, and PowerShell scripts. These scripts eventually downloaded and installed the Nodersok malware.


How does it work?

It begins with converting the infected systems into proxies and finishes by performing click-fraud. This virus is almost undetectable and shows no symptoms of the attack. There have been a few reports where people have claimed their video and audio features have been hacked as well.


What is click fraud?

Click fraud is a common method used by hackers. This is when a user clicks on an infected link which charges them every time they click onto it. For example someone could send you an email that gives you details about a product that seems too good to be true, but, as you scroll down to click that ‘Find out more’ button your suddenly charged of a requested amount of money.

This can majorly impact an organisation as they are most vulnerable to these types of attacks. Online fraudsters can make a fortune from stealing money from businesses and are very sneaky about it. This is a fine example of why you need appliances and a trusty team to help protect you from these blind attackers.


How can we help?

Just Firewalls stocks the latest unified threat management appliances to help keep you safe from these types of malicious malware. An example of this is the SonicWall TZ350 which is an ideal device to protect a small business or satelite office. If you are unsure on what firewall your business requires, contact our experts now.