The Zero-Trust Network

31/01/2017 22:53

The cyber-crime landscape has changed a lot over past years. In this new cyber age, hackers can come from anywhere and target anyone.

We see cyber-crime headlines almost daily over the news and social media, from popular banks, online websites and general corporations. The US elections was even hit recently with a famous politician publicly stating that cyber-crime is enough to 'destroy democracy'.

This is a large claim but also true. No one is safe from the radar of a cyber criminal.

With the massive surge of crime of recent times, we can't deny the majority of corporations are at least trying to do something about it.

Popular attacks like DDoS, Viruses and Trojans are well known to both business managers and owners and their IT departments. Most employ firewalls and various anti-malware programs to hopefully fend off intruders.

What these organisations don't think about is what's going on inside their network.

Over the past few years and specifically the last year, there has been an enormous rise in spearfishing attacks. Some of you will be well versed with this method, some may have even fell victim! What these type of attacks do is target an unsuspecting employee from behind enemy lines.

The progress of a spearfishing attack can take anything from days to years. The attacker horns in on it's target and manipulates them over a course of emails claiming to be someone else. This is a very dangerous approach to cyber security and has seen companies loose valuable employees, £100,000's and even go out of business due to the amount of money lost and reputation damage.

A new cyber security strategy is emerging. This is the Zero-Trust network which (like it says on the tin) trusts absolutely no-one. The means whilst securing you external perimeters, you are also looking internally for threats.

This is a big step and something that the various industries will likely take some time to get to grips with. Still now we are seeing companies still using legacy firewalls and security technology older than some of their buildings!

To employ a ZT network, the next-generation firewall (NGFW) is the biggest tool in your arsenal. In a recent survey, over half of enterprises with a NGFW felt confident they could respond to a data breach within an hour and all of them employed both internal and external policies on the firewall. Of the other half of enterprises, the majority didn't have the correct management and policies in place which included internal and external monitoring.

All the firewalls offered by Just Firewalls have the ability to monitor both your internal and external processes with a ZT network. Contact us today and choose a NGFW!

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