What the industry isn't telling: the threat that rivals ransomware

29/03/2017 22:11


Is the industry lying to you?


The industry isn’t giving you the full picture about today’s threat landscape and it’s because they are failing to protect you.


It was the year 2015 and the security industry was crippled by malware and exploit kits. That year saw 64million unique samples of malware emerge. Ransomware was on the map but sitting at 3.2million.

Fast forward a year to 2016 and Ransomware is sitting at 638million attack attempts and unique malware is down by 6.25 percent.

We aren’t giving you these figures to scare you (although they should).

The point of these figures is to give you an idea of how quickly the industry can change. Whilst 2015 was the year of unique malware and 2016 was the year of ransomware, 2017 will be the year of zero-day threats and targeted attacks.


Zero-day threats contain never be for seen code that homes in on newly discovered vulnerabilities; targeted attacks work similarly but use unique code that is specifically created for an organisation.

These forms of threat get inside the head of a software vender and predict their every move.

Ransomware isn’t the main threat anymore. It’s already been spread around the internet and any security vendor worth its salt should be able to protect a network from it. The problem comes with these unknown issues.


There are two teams when it comes to security measures to ward off these attacks. Team endpoint deploys security measures on its endpoint, allowing a threat onto the network before it (hopefully) detects and destroys the entity. Team sandbox uses a virtual realm where it will monitor for malicious behaviour before it enters the system.

Both security layers aren’t 100% effective at warding off zero-day and targeted attacks which is in part the main reason they are so dangerous to businesses. Nothing yet exists that has an unbeaten success rate.

Until then, there are some major developments in the security industry, the best line of defence is to combine these two layers of protection.

There are very few products out there with this capability. The new range of SonicWALL are one of the few out there.

These boxes have the intelligence to give you all the endpoint security you would expect from a next-generation firewall whilst deploying a sandbox that runs on three-engines.

SonicWALL has innovated the security industry with its latest development combining this impressive sandbox machine with its trusted end-point processes and a brand-new Signature database that runs off a global system using the intelligence of all SonicWALL from around the world.


You can find more information on sandboxes as well as signatures and heuristics in SonicWALLs latest executive brief which you can download here.


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