TZ400 Bundle Offer

04/10/2018 13:20


Bringing you our deal of the month, Just Firewalls is excited to announce that we are offering huge savings on one of our most popular products - the TZ400.

If security is of importance to you and protecting your customers data, then the SonicWall TZ400 is right up your street. But this month, we are offering the TZ400 appliance along with ANOTHER TZ400 appliance to act as a high availability unit for only £1200!

To qualify for this amazing deal, simply call our team on 0808 16 444 14 and quote OCTOBER DEAL and we will handle the rest, right down to your FREE delivery!


The TZ400 boasts fantastic speeds of up to 1.3Gbps and full UTM support. Providing unbeatable levels of protection at an affordable price (made even more affordable with our October deal); this is the perfect option for small businesses that are preparing for growth.

Firewall Product Features: Interfaces: 7 x 1 GbE Copper Interfaces Recommended Users: 1 - 35 Firewall Inspection Throughput: 1.3 Gbps Full DPI Throughput: 150 - 300 Mbps TLS/SSL Throughput (DPI SSL): 100 Mbps VPN Throughput: 900 Mbps IMIX Throughput: 500 Mbps Maximum Connections: 100,000 (90,000 with DPI) VLAN Interfaces: 50 Site-to-Site VPN Policies: 20 IPSec VPN Client: 2 (25 max) SSL VPN Licenses: 2 (100 Max) SonicPoints Supported: 16

To read more about the TZ400 unit, click the link
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