How to get a secure Virtual Private Network

08/08/2016 14:55

Why you need a secure Virtual Private Network… and how to get one.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most effective way of setting up a secure connection over the internet.

Business environments are becoming more and more diverse. Workers now have the option to bring their own devices to work (BYOD), work from home and even connect to critical business information and emails whilst on the move.

On top of this, contractors and consultancies are becoming increasingly common in the work place. Great for fixing, installing and configuring systems, helping and training staff and improving business strategies. But it can also mean additional liabilities on the network.

The flexibility that comes with remote connections is excellent news for business, giving flexibility and increasing productivity among employees. However what can be for of your greatest strength can also be your biggest vulnerability.


A VPN is the entity that protects that data traveling between your remote users and your network. It allows remote users to securely access business sensitive information as they would when connected to a device in the office.

Depending on your business, there are different types of set-ups for a VPN but in most cases it will be an SSL VPN. The SSL VPN works by limiting connections to specific files and applications depending on the specific user.

The other option is IPSec security. Due to its complex set-up, maintenance and difficulty in managing, we find SSL to be a much more suitable option to smaller businesses.


The Dell Firewall SSL-VPN licence is easy to obtain and can be quite simply configured onto your SonicWALL.

Depending on your business size and number of home workers/frequency of visitors the licence can encompass a number of users from 1 to 1000.

Prices are less than £40 per user. To purchase a licence or receive your firewall ready configured, please contact us on 0808 1644414.

Posted in News By Lucy Dobson