SonicWALL PEAK18 Channel Event

24/09/2018 11:21

Bill Conner, Chief Executive of SonicWALL, was interviewed by BBC Business Live on the subject of the cyber security landscape and the increase in global attacks. He explains the need for up-to-date security in depth and adopting a ‘Fear Less’ approach. You can view the interview here:

A key message from the event was the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats, and in particular, the current trend in vulnerability exploits via non-standard ports. Attacks via non-standard ports have increased by around 25% in the last year which is very concerning. Recent analysis reveals that some vendors have concentrated their defences on ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS), leaving their customers vulnerable to attacks via non-standard ports. Advice for all businesses is to enable deep packet inspection (DPI SSL) on ALL ports. This is something that SonicWALL has not left to risk and has prevented 7.7bn malware attacks this year alone.

To ensure SonicWALL remains a key player, they have invested in new security technologies and features that will be available within the next few months via the latest OS firmware releases. These investments are not just for SMB’s but also for Enterprise establishments including education and government.

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