SonicWALL starts a new chapter

15/01/2017 22:13

SonicWALL will now run as it's own entity offering a much more personal and supportive service to both it's partners and end-customers.


The next-generation firewall (NGFW) providers have been defending networks for 25 years. Protecting more than 1 million networks worldwide, the announcement of SonicWALLs split from Dell came as a shock to some, and a logical step to others.

Dell acquired the network security experts in 2012 in a Billion dollar deal however after deciding to sell of some of it's software assets including Quest, Dell will no longer own SonicWALL. The company dealt with the split at it's PEAK 16 event which is an annual conference where SonicWALL partners can meet up and gain insight into the company and offerings.


The split from Dell has been taken very positively with sales since the announcement of the split last year increasing by 20%.

With a new SecureFirst partner program and an expanded technical portfolio, this is set to be a great new chapter for SonicWALL. The fresh start is allowing them to grow using both it's partners and end-users by strengthening there channel portals to better support them.

As part of it's new beginnings, the company has named its new CEO as cybersecurity veteran Bill Conner, who's previous portfolio includes CEO of Silent Circle and Entrust. He has also had a big input into enterprise networks Nortel.

When quizzed on the future of business and its plans moving forward, Bill said: “As a standalone SonicWall brand, we can act even more deftly and quickly to serve channel partners and customers by offering products and services second to none.

“We are continuing our commitment to product innovation to serve our customers and invest in our partners who operate as an extension of the SonicWall team.”

Whilst the initial partnership of Dell and SonicWALL was by no means a negative arrangement, there seems to be a consensus among industry leaders and professionals about the split taking SonicWALL back to the 'glory days'. This appears to refer to back before the merge when SonicWALL was more nimble and empowered, without the constraints of the Dell brand.

With this new found freedom, SonicWALL is able to adopt new approaches and innovations. Without Dell the network security vendors can create integrations and upgrades that may not have made sense under previous ownership.


The ties with Dell aren't completely cut however. The electronic manufacturers are still very much involved in the firewall suppliers being the OEM of SonicWALL, they didn't feel anyone else was up to the task of producing such an advanced piece of network security equipment.

On the back of the split, the next generation firewall suppliers are forthcoming with the announcement of its Cloud GMS offering which is promosing to simplfy the global management system and bring it into the cloud. Find out more about Cloud Global Management System here


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