SonicWALL Analyser

25/07/2016 13:25

SonicWALL Analyser

Dell SonicWALL Analyzer

The Dell SonicWALL Analyser provides in-depth traffic analysis of everything coming in and out of your network.

With the analyser installed onto your system, you can now investigate what your employees get up to on the network, including frequently visited websites and areas of the web they visit that cause the network to slow down. Prevent your staff being targeted by spearfishing attacks and improve productivity by monitoring where they go on the internet.

You can also stay one step ahead of incoming threats. Instant reports understand the type of threat trying to enter your system as well as where it is coming from. Speed up your response time and be ready for next time.



The SonicWALL Analyser is the ultimate tool to simply and quickly manage and monitor users and systems as well as infrastructure bandwidth and threats. Winner of SC Magazine Awards for Best Policy Management, find out the features below:


Application Traffic Management

Monitor application traffic from systems and users and establish who is running what with statistical data. Have the ability to identify visited sites that slow down the network and limit accessibility with network traffic analysis Next Generation data.


Universal Reporting Options

Quickly analyse and customise data. Choose what you want to see and select multiple reports on one single page. Evaluate data easily through charts and tables and tailor report to for a variety of units. Reporting options also include the ability to send out to multiple emails and are configurable to meet compliance requirements.


Attack Intelligence

Have information on incoming attacks before they even enter your system. Threat monitoring can tell you the type of invasion as well as the source address of the attacker.  Gain intelligence on thwarted attacks with access to all threat activities detected by the analyser.


Deployment Options for any Business

You have the option of deploying the SonicWALL Analyser on a machine using a windows application, or in the cloud using VMWare as a virtual appliance. The options of deployment allow for leveraging shared computer resources, optimising utilisation and easing migration all whilst reducing costs.



The SonicWALL Analyzer is the perfect tool to give you real-time and historical insights into your network. It’s easy-to-use and Just Firewalls can give you all the help you need in installing and configuring onto your firewalls.

Analyser reporting software is available for all SonicWALLs. To get more information and costs, call or email us today!

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