2017 SonicWALL Annual Threat Report

19/02/2017 21:21

Last week marked the release of the 2017 SonicWALL Annual Threat Report. The report which is published by the security giants each year details the latest cybercrime trends and identifies the top emerging security risks for 2017.

Based on the data from the SonicWALL Global Response Intelligence Defence (GRID) network, the report highlights both sides of the cyber world- the crimianl activity and the defence stratigies on the global cyber security landscape.


This years report is leaving many CIOs pleasently surprised with what is being considered a highly successful year. With a big push from security professionals and newly developed technology like Advanced Gateway Security Suite, which is the new multi-engine sandbox from SonicWALL, the industry has seen both a drop in the volume of malware and the number of attacks.


But it's not all roses. The report takes a look at the whole threat landscape and shows that due to the new technologies learning to fend off even the most unknown malware threats it has caused a shift in the environment to other battlefields.

Criminals will flock to whereever the money is so it isn't too much of a surprise that many are throwing in the malware towel and moving to other exploits. The annual report found that the rise in ransomware is unlike anything it has seen in recent years. A 634.2million instace increase to be exact.

This is noted as "meteoric"

The results are based from 2016 and show that by mid-2016 almost half of organisations reported being targeted by a ransomware attack.

This growth is reported to be an upward climb throughout the current year and SonicWALL professionals have warned to expext the increase to continue into 2017.


You can download the full eport from the SonicWALL website using the link or contact us on contact@justfirewalls.com to request a copy.

2017 SonicWALL Annual Threat Report

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