SonicWall increases network security offering with SonicOS 6.5

13/10/2017 22:33

SonicWall increases network security offering with SonicOS 6.5


SonicWall has just announced the release of a collection  brand new advanced network security features in its biggest ever update.

We are constantly seeing an increasing demand on security operation requirements needed to defend against the fast moving stream of current cyber attacks. Recent events such as WannaCry and Not Petya show how quickly the business environment can change.  


Quick on the mark, SonicWall is meeting this demand with a roll-out of brand new software designed to match and defend against these new age threats.


To show commitment to security and risk assessment, SonicWall has delivered the new SonicOS 6.5 packed with a range of powerful and improved security, networking and usability capabilities.


SonicOS 6.5 has been launched to provide users with enhanced features for its automated real-time breach detection and prevention platform across its connected networks.


Created with IT leaders working on wired, wireless and mobile networks in mind, the new update aims to accelerate speed thresholds and elevate their breach detection and prevention capacity.


The update plans to bring in a modern, intuitive interface to manage and enforce security controls across the entire organisation.


As SonicWall’s biggest ever consumer driven release, the new platform empowers IT leaders and their security teams by scaling firewall networking, connectivity and performance for uncompromised and uninterrupted network services.


Organisations of a range of sizes can now benefitting from a faster and streamlined Automated Real-Time Breach Detection and Prevention Platform as the new OS focusses on un-interrupted services.


It’s a big claim, but with over 60 new features, SonicWall have covered every area of security and defence to bring its products onto the front line against threats.


More connections, more ways to defend


With more than 60 new features, SonicOS 6.5 allows more connections than ever before. By concentrating on matching performance between wired and wireless, devices can now move on to the latest wi-fi standard 802.11ac Wave 2.


Using Wireless Deployment Tools to manage both forms of connection. The suite of wireless features enables security and connectivity for all connections with multi-domain authentication support making management simple and fast.

Scale and manage your firewall with ease


With daisy-chaining, multi-domain management and a completely redesigned user interface, the update has been created with IT leaders in mind.


The unrecognisable new user experience provide a fresh look at an executive dashboard created to control security, user and traffic information with ease. Driven by its easily-understood menu-driven security management console, reports show that the familiar categories are simple and effective with a consolidated view.


With SonicOS 6.5 firewall management is now faster, easier and all controlled from one window.


Additional to its ease-of-use, advances in connectivity now provide top level security for each network domain. Multi-domain security managements combines with virtual wire mode to micro-segment and manage virtual networks. With this, each networks will receive its own independant security management policy, controls and scanning across separate zones.

The update was rolled out in September and is supported on all SonicWall next-generation (NGFW) models.

To see SonicOS 6.5 in action, you can watch the video here.

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