How robust is your firewall?

22/01/2017 11:50

In an always on world, cyber security appliances are more important than ever.

A  business network doesn't get a day off. Since the introduction of new technologies like WiFi and IoT devices, networks within business environments are working harder than ever before.

With a constant stream of connectivity, your network is delivering internet to connected systems 24/7. Unlike long forgotten dial-up, wireless internet isn't switched off. Whilst this is of the up most convenience to both business owners and IT admins who can update and patch the company systems in out of hours time, it also leaves open a huge gap for cyber criminals.

Companies spend £100,000's per year updating their technologies, whether it's new company phones, laptops, desk phones, even printers and copiers. There is by no means anything wrong with keeping up with the times and ensuring your office is using the current technologies. The thing that is wrong is that so few companies are willing to spend even half of that cash on safeguarding their business network.


In a Global Threat Intelligence report, it was found that 76% of vulnerabilities identified had in fact been known for 2 years of more. Even more worryingly, 10% had actually know of these vulnerabilities for 10 years and over!


You might agree with us and think these figures are shocking. Unfortunately there will be many reading this that will fall into that 79% (or worse the 10%). Having old 'legacy' security on your system is a large part of being vulnerable. 

Many companies out there will still be running on a legacy firewall. This could be one of the biggest vulnerabilities out there. On an older firewall, it doesn't have the technology to be able to properly do it's job any more. It can't read a large portion of the traffic going through it (most traffic is now encrypted with SSL. They also aren't resilient and require downtime to update/patch them just to keep them running.


SonicWALLs next generation firewalls offer a robust solution to business vulnerabilities. With on-hand help from the team their self, your SonicWALL will be kepp up-to-date with all the latest security updates.

As well as array of features, from DPI, anti-virus and anti-spyware, sandboxing (three engines to be precise), the SonicWALL is actually incredibly robust.

Below is a screenshot from one of one clients running on a NSA 2600. Like many of you out there, the nature of this business mean that can never have an off day and especially cannot afford to  take their firewall offline or worse have it go down! 


 Sonicwall robust


The device has been on for 642 days. This means the IT systems administrator can sleep easy at night knowing their always on network is always protected!

Are you in need of a cyber security upgrade? Call us today for a great deal on your next firewall!





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