The Easy Way To Get Prevent Duty Compliant

26/09/2016 12:45

Since the Prevent Duty has come into play in the beginning of September, there’s seems to be a confusion amongst educational establishments on what processes and technology to implement.

You can read all about the guidelines and what is required here. This explains the policies that have been put in place and what is expected of educational entities.


Once you are familiar with the guidelines, you then need to know what programs and appliance you need to deploy to meet the guidelines. Here we have highlighted and explained everything.


SonicWALL Advanced Gateway Security Suite

This advanced piece of software sits on your firewall and loads it with an array of features to give you all of the tools needed to be compliant with the Prevent Duty.

Content Filtering: SonicWALLs content filtering allows for the blocking of access to sites that contain illegal, abusive and inappropriate content. Dedicated categories for specific topics such as radicalisation and extremism containing the Home Office policies approved list as well as many other categories such as self-harm, discrimination and abuse.

DPI-SSL: The monitoring and filtering needs to be carried out in an extensive way. Deep packet inspection is the only solution that can filtering both non encrypted (HTTP) and encrypted (HTTPS) data.

IWF Member: SonicWALL has been an IWF member for many years and all appliances with filtering will be connected to the database.

CTIRU: This is a police assessed list produced on behalf of the Home Office. The database is fully integrated with all SonicWALL web filtering solutions.

Find out more here


FastVue for SonicWALL

FastVue is an intelligent reporting system that interprets all log files and gives a much more in-depth web activity report compared to previous reporting systems.

FastVue has the ability to produce detailed reports in a simple, non-technical way for use to Teachers, Department Heads, HR and IT. This means anyone can view what is happening on the network without the complexity of understanding log files.

Real Time Alerts: Real-time alerts gives instant information on what is happening on the network. The alerts provide details on search terms and URL keywords, large downloads and virus and threats.

Intelligent Alerts: Notification email addresses can be set to escalate to the right person for action. The keywords, alerts and reports can be provided in any language.

Advanced Filtering: To make age appropriate filtering, Active Directory groups can be created with different reports and alerts for each group. This means schools can have categories based on age groups (Year 8, Year 9 etc.) and give higher priority to Year 9 students searching ‘Bombs’ compared to Year 1’s for example.

Reports on Undesirable/Blocked Searches: Keywords and sites can be easily added and subtracted for alerts and reports with high, medium and low priorities set for each search.

For more information on FastVue, take a look at the information sheet here.



Overall, there are very few firewalls vendors out there that can offer to meet of all of the guidelines on one product lines.

Just Firewalls have done all the research for you and SonicWALL offers a simple and easy to deploy solution to meet all requirements.

Follow the link to see all SonicWALL appliances with AGSS.

SonicWALL Advanced Edition

We have two different purchasing option.

Already own a SonicWALL appliance? Choose the Secure Upgrade option. We can move any exiting licenses over to your new appliance.

Moving over to SonicWALL? Choose the TotalSecure option to get your appliance and 1 years AGSS.


FastVue costs are based on two things, the device and the number of users. You will need to speak to us to get the cost for this reoporting system. We just need to know the number of devices and number of users. Call us once you have made your firewall purchae on 0808 16 444 14 or email

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