Free Event- Securing Your IT Systems

16/06/2016 11:34

Are you passionate about network security and securing your IT systems? Interested in learning about advancing threats and staying one-step ahead of cyber-criminals? Do you love a free bet?



If you answered yes to any of the above, this event is for you!

Securing Your Network and IT Systems, 15th July




OpenIP are calling all CIOs, CISOs, IT Directors, Managers, CEOs, business owners and everyone in between for a fun and informative day of cyber security, network threats, talks, sessions and of course, betting.

IT security giants Dell will be there, along with key figures from security appliance distributors Exertis. Even the Lancashire Police Cyber Squad are set to pop in. The day will see OpenIP and friends demonstrate the tips, tricks and tools they use on a daily basis to keep the clients networks the safest in the UK.



The day will be perfect for any Just Firewall customer thinking of purchasing or recently purchased a firewall. OpenIP will hold talks and sessions in a non-formative, non-technical style so you can really get to grips with what your appliance can do.

"The malware used in the Sony hack would have slipped past 90% of defences today"

Even if you’re already a wiz at firewalls, sessions will include intelligence on new found threats, malware that goes undetected by most defence appliances (like the Sony hack everyone remembers) and insider information on the attacks the media don’t want you to know about.

Over the past year the security landscape has changed with evolving threats and increased attack incidences. Customised malware and zero day attacks are causing more havoc than ever and costing companies more and more.

"The cost to respond and remediate a Data Breach now averages £2.6 million, globally—a 23 percent increase"

In an environment becoming more threatening and vulnerable with the addition of mobile enterprises, BYOD and distributed networks, sharing ideas, solutions and information is essential to create a team of cyber defence.

OpenIP has announced their Securing Your Network and IT Systems event will be free to all attendees to facilitate this cooperation against emerging threats. On 15th July entities from all over the North West and rest of the UK will gather to share best practises, innovations and requirements and harness a network of like-minded professionals looking to secure their systems for both customers and employees.


Interested in attending? Contact us at to enquire for a ticket or visit the OpenIP event page to apply for tickets.

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We hope to see you there. #OpenIPYourNetwork

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