How to configure your new SonicWALL

14/11/2016 09:38

Regularly upgrading your firewall is essential to maintain a secure and defensive network. and stay protected against current and emerging threats.

Although essential, it dosen't make upgarding any less troublesome in what can sometimes be painstaking hours of importing setting and coniguring your new device.

We though we would make your lives easier with these simple instructions. Here you can see if you new device is compatable and how to export/import your old settings so you can continue right where you left off.


Before anything, you need to confirm both of the devices SonicOS's are compatible. The matrix below highlights all Sonic Operation Systems that are supported:

SonicOS Matrix

Once compatibility is confirmed you can then proceed to the next steps.


If your business uses SonicWALL for its network security, you can export the configuration preferences in SonicWALL to an EXP file to use as a clone or backup.

You can then import, or upload, the file to an appliance to either restore its original settings or duplicate an existing configuration from one device to another.


Step 1 Select "System" and choose "Settings." Click "Import Settings."

Step 2 Click "Browse" and navigate to the folder storing the configuration settings file. Related Reading: How to Reset Sonicwall TZ

Step 3 Select the EXP file. Click "Import" to upload the preferences file to SonicWALL. Click "Restart" to reboot the appliance.


There we have it, your old preferences on your brand new SonicWALL appliance.


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