SonicWall unveils shocking malware growth figures

26/10/2017 22:18

SonicWall unveils shocking malware growth figures


SonicWall has unveiled new figures that show a 534% growth in unique malware variants in just six months.


Since the launch of the Capture Advanced Threat Protection service, SonicWall has been collecting data from the multi-layered engine that highlights around 1000 new malware variants found in the wild every day.


These figures emerge as attacks become easier than ever to deliver. In what is being defined as ‘malware cocktails’, readily available ingredients (codes) can be mixed and matched to create something that works in causing destruction among networks.


Besides increasing in numbers, the number of malicious files reviewed in daily traffic has risen 57% according to Capture ATP.


Despite these rising numbers, SonicWall is seeing increasing success in finding and stopping new malware variants.


The SonicWall service has leveraged the ‘malware cocktail’ with its own cocktail that uses a mixture of ingredients of quarantine and next-generation analysis combined with powerful firewall services.


Another factor in SonicWalls success against the rapid growth in malware is it’s ability to incorporate machine learning.


These intelligent machines use technical engines that look at every file that is unknown and characterises it by blocking or giving it the green light. Machine learning then uses this data to form an understanding of which components constitute which threats, creating a self-strengthening mechanism.


By using machine learning, the more machines available to learn from, the more intelligent it becomes. This is why with more than one million networks worldwide, SonicWall is becoming one of the most innovative defences on the market.


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