Attention: GEN5 End of support

10/03/2017 10:55

SonicWALL Announcement: GEN5 Appliances to start End of Life (EOL) process

SonicWALL has recently announced that Generation 5 appliances will be reaching Last Day of Order for its one year support and one year CGSS programmes.
From May 2017, SonicWALL will begin end support and security services which prevent the appliances from running to their maximum security potential.

What does this mean for you?

Any networks still running with GEN5 hardware will need to be upgraded. 
Once End of Support (EOS) has come into play, users can no longer benefit from the support service currently on their SonicWALL. To run at its most secure, the SonicWALL appliance needs to have on support and CGSS whick includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, ICSA-certified gateway protection and IPS-technology.
Below are the dates SonicWALL will end these comprehensive features. 
•             NSA 3500                             19/05/2017
•             NSA 4500                             15/05/2017
•             NSA 5000                             12/05/2017
•             NSA E5500                           19/05/2017
•             NSA E8510                           13/06/2017
It's now the last chance users on the GEN5 devices have to upgrade using the Secure Upgrade programme. 
Secure Upgrade gives SonicWALL users the chance to trade in GEN5 appliances for a discount off brand new next-generation SonicWALLs.
Find out more here or contact us to find out how much you can save off a next-generation device.
Last chance to use our Secure Upgrade progamme. Renew before it's too late.
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