Overview of the GDPR

26/04/2017 06:35

In May 2016 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted by the EU. The new document is being brought into force to strengthen and unify data protection.

The regulations will be coming into force in May 2018. To be ready, businesses need to start thinking about how to become compliant. 

The document works towards implementing strategies that will give greater rights to users by protecting their personal information. With the current state of the cyber-crime environment, the regulations aim to increase trust in online services and e-commerce.

This means that there is some work that businesses will need to think about. By giving the user more rights around their personal stored data, businesses will need to implement certain measures to give them this freedom.

Just Firewalls has attached a link to a document that gives busineses information around GDPR. It details the significant change to the current Data Protection Act. To ensure your business understands the legal changes and requirements ahead of the initiation of the new ruling, follow the link below.


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