FastVue Reporting

25/10/2016 15:19

fastvue reporting for SonicWALL





Fastvue the real time monitoring software used by leading organisations across the globe. Its design helps to manage bandwidth, productivity and network security in a user friendly, easy to use program.


With exclusive products designed for individual UTM’s, Firewalls and proxy servers, FastVue for SonicWALL makes install simple so you can quickly and easily enjoy it’s powerful features.



The aim of FastVue is to produce results that highlight and report on productivity, bandwidth and network performance and surpass other harder to use reporting systems currently existing.

With productivity reporting, you can assess web productivity based on set guidelines to highlight unproductive and unacceptable browsing. Reports on both allowed and blocked undesirable sites as well as browsing times you can see exactly what is going on and adjust your Content Filtering accordingly.



Create AD groups across departments, offices and companies depending on your organisation type and requirements. Manage Active Directory with seamless integration and create appropriate filters, reports and alerts across each group.



It’s no secret of the hurdles encountered by administrators using other analyser software such as SonicWALL Analyser. With relatively basic results it can sometimes be tricky to use. FastVue is suitable for everyday users providing comprehensive results displayed in layman’s terms so that all departments and groups can read and understand traffic coming in through the SonicWALL.

You can generate customised reports for any day, week or month. Fastvue’s innovative Activity Reports include full activity details such as timestamps and full URLs. They also intuitively group them into different browsing sessions with green bars to show you exactly when browsing started and when browsing stopped. This is a massive advantage as it saves you from looking through all the logs.



The software can collate data from multiple SonicWALLs and goes beyond simple log aggregation to produce sensible alerts and reports in one single dashboard saving both time and money. You can feel safe from threats as the real time alerting system will notify you about any issues coming through.


Fastvue makes life much easier for organisations to secure their network by alerting the appropriate people of threats and inappropriate user behavior.  You can monitor your systems bandwidth, productivity and internet usage making Fastvue a reliable and professional software to use for everyone.


Posted in News By Lucy Dobson