SonicWall Email Security 9.0 Review

27/09/2017 18:10

SonicWall Email Security 9.0 Review

This year saw the launch of SonicWall Email Security 9.0, the highly-scalable software that mixes tough security measures with extreme versatility.

The launch on 9.0 combines SonicWall’s trusted email security software with the award-winning Capture Advanced Protection (ATP) Service. The software now delivers a cloud-based, multi-engine sandbox which has advanced the product far into the enterprise market, available to a wide-range of companies with 10 to 10,000 users.

With added enhanced features, Email Security 9.0 leverages Capture ATP to focus on advanced threats such as ransomware which many other email security providers fail to defend against.

These new features inspect email traffic for suspicious code whilst intercepting email attachments and putting them through a rigorous series of cloud resident tests, blocking anything deemed to be malicious. In the process, any ransomware, zero-day and other malicious files will also be banned from entering the network until a verdict is reached.

By augmenting a range of extensive standard security measure, Email Security 9.0 software provides the whole package with anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-spoofing and anti-virus services with additional compliancy/data leak protection and encryption.

The new software has been designed to be hosted on a Windows Server platform with other choices available. SonicWall has created versions to run on turnkey appliances, virtualised on a VMware environment or run on a hosted cloud service. This opens the product up to most businesses and with the flexibility on the number of users on the programme, gives it high scalability.



SonicWall offers a range of licenses to appeal to a variety of business sizes and budgets. The great thing with the options is that they work with all SonicWall subscriptions including TotalSecure, Advanced TotalSecure and Capture ATP.



With demands on host hardware not too intense, budget-friendly server equipment can be used at one end while large enterprises can configure the solution for high availability in split mode to centrally and reliably manage large-scale deployments.

Storage requirements also need the volume of email and quarantine to be kept in mind but starting at just 160gb it’s easy to size your hard disks.

To introduce the email security onto a live network, once installed onto the webserver the programme comes equipped with a web console quick start wizard. For ease, there is the All-in-One mode which sends messages straight to the downstream server.



The software is simple and easy to use and set-up. Straight out the box it’s ready to go and on opening activates a full set of default email security policies. Anti-spam in ingrained into the system which uses predefined aggressiveness settings to mark spam and likely-spam messages and redirect to junk boxes.

The default settings can be easily tweak and changes, overall and for each message classification; reject, delete, forward and tagged.

On mail in both directions, custom message filters can be applied with a set of dictionaries and ID definitions. These can be filtered to be sent to an internal approval box for authorisation.

Overall, SonicWall’s Emailed Security software is good value, highly scalable and easy to manage. WIth its integration with Capture ATP spam detection rates are at an industry high and the software adds valuable cloud-based protection.

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