Are you a charity, government organisation or an educational institute?

02/06/2017 16:00

Every organisation needs a firewall. The emphasis on creating a secure network is ever more present with threats of cyber-attacks being a constant presence for organisations to deal with. Not only is it the financial cost that these attacks can have but also the reputation damage. This is why we offer government organisations, charities and educational institutes extra discount to purchase the latest firewall to protect their network. We understand that it is a constant struggle to find a budget to invest in technology when funding is limited or non-existent. Not many Charities are aware of the discounts available when it comes to purchasing IT Hardware and Software. We hope that this post shines light on the possible savings that can be made and we hope that this helps Charities save money so that the savings can be put to better use making a difference. In fact we give you 10% off. All you will need to do is speak to one of our advisors who will verify your organisation and give you a coupon code to use at checkout. 0808 16 444 14
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