SonicWall named Overall CyberSecurity company of the year

22/09/2017 22:34

SonicWall named Overall Cybersecurity company of the year


SonicWall has been placed ahead of it’s competitors at this years CyberSecurity Breakthrough awards as it is named the winner of Overall Cyber Security Company of the Year.


This industry accolade recognises the top companies, technologies and products in the global information security market today. It aims to honor excellence and recognise the innovation, hard work and success in a range of categories. Security categories include Cloud Security, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, Mobile Security, Email Security and many more.


To win the overall award shows how well regarded SonicWall is in the industry at showcasing the very best on security technology across the board.


With a 25-year track record in the cybersecurity industry, SonicWall is a proven leader and just in the past year has demonstrated its ability to address security threats head-on with services to rival some of the most advanced threats to hit the headlines such as WannaCry and Petya.


The awards this year received 2000 nominations from more than 12 countries. Evaluated by an independent panel of experts within the information security industry, SonicWall came out on top.


A successful new beginning


This news comes as SonicWall establishes itself as an independent company since its split from Dell in November 2016.


Since the separation, the business have thrived with an increase in its number of partners, positive feedback around its real-time breach detection and prevention strategy and a string on new product and services including Capture Advanced Threat Protection and SonicWall University.


From the evolution from Dell to SonicWall’s own entity, the company is in the process on completing its own infrastructure and preparing for what Bill Conner, CEO of SonicWall is claiming to be its biggest year ever.


Since becoming an independant company last year, SonicWall has earned more than 21 awards praising it for it’s strategy and leadership including Bill conner appearing in CRN 25 most influential executives.

Into the future


As SonicWall continues its rapid growth plans for the year ahead include more innovation and more security.


The cyber security company as recently announced that it will team up with SentinelOne to move into the endpoint security market, a first for SonicWall who is known for its solutions within network and email security.


With SonicWall and SentinelOne combined, users can create policies and control and monitor endpoint solutions and devices after the separate entities noted the value of threat intelligence sharing between by working together.


Bill Conner has gone forward with the merger as it marks the important time in SonicWall’s history through enhanced levels of protection. With two powerful solutions, the combined offering simplifies ongoing enforcement of endpoint protection whilst reducing costs usually associated with the maintenance, whilst continuing network production with SonicWall’s trusted firewalls.


The partnership came as a no-brainer after accessing NSS Labs data. Throughout its history, SonicWall had achieved great results in NSS Labs next-generation firewall testing, while SentinelOne has been positively rated in the labs advanced endpoint protection categories.


Similarly, both companies have been noted by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant that is released annually. SentinelOne has most recently been named ‘most visionary’ in the 2017 rating.

After a successful past year, we expect to be reporting even more awards and launches over the coming months and years. But for now, you can expect to see the newest SentinelOne partnership early in 2018.


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