Talking to your tech team about cyber security

15/09/2017 17:07

Talking to your tech team about cyber security


For business owners worried about cyber attacks, getting information about how well-equipped your business is at defending against one can be difficult.


Chief Officers in IT and technology are essentially the new age security guards of protecting data and money. With attacks increasingly more sophisticated and damaging, these employees work tirelessly to give your network the tools to protect itself from criminals in targeted attacks and theft.


Even with this in mind, many business leaders simply hand  all responsibility to the OT department to oversee both IT and cybersecurity.


The sophistication of current cyber-attacks means that defence needs to rival and outperform it, which can lead to difficulty when business owners don’t know what’s appropriate or effective for their network.


By not understanding how the network is protected, business owners, MD’s and CEO’s can be left almost blind to whether their hard earned work is sufficiently protected. This coupled with massive strain on an ever growing role in the IT department which sees the teams conduct normal IT maintenance whilst increasing the workload around cyber-security.


We have compiled some key factors to talk about with your IT head honcho which will help you both to understand how effective your network protection strategy is.


Backup and Recovery

Whereas the target of cyber attacks in previous years have been to steal money. Criminals are becoming much more sophisticated now. They don’t just want you money. They want your intelligence.


The majority of victims of cyber attacks over the past years will agree that criminals are much more focussed on getting your data over money. Granted, many times the data they get will lead to monetary benefits, the their first port of call in your data stores.


Because of this companies need cohesive planning for the event of an attack. With the amount of data being generated and stored growing vastly the back-ups need to be thorough and often.


This is an on-going task and much easier to virtualise your backup and recovery to save your IT department hours of work.


24/7 Visibility of the Network


Firewall’s are the perfect start to creating a robust network, but for more advanced protection, other factors need to be introduced. A legacy firewall, alone, has serious limitations which can affect network access and fail to alerts on intrusions and attempted hacks.


Companies need eyes across the entire network by ensuring their firewall is integrated with other security solutions.


An advanced firewall product should include virus, malware and spam protection as well and endpoint security and the added protection of a sandbox. These product don’t have to cost the earth and many firewalls will offer these services as add-ons which also include global controls.


Appropriate knowledge and training to deal with breaches

In the current climate of rapidly growing online threats, cybersecurity capabilities can easily fall behind, along with the talent. It’s predicted that in 2020 there will be a global shortage of capable cybersecurity professionals that are equipped to deal with threats at that time.


Cyber talent requires heavy investment into the people and learning and trainist is essential. By starting to nurture your talent now, you ensure your business will always be up-to-date with the latest cyber environment.


GDPR Compliancy

GDPR is a huge buzzword at the moment and around the acronym is a mist of uncertainty.


Many CEO’s lack confidence on whether they are actually compliant with the term. 90% of companies currently have poor structures in place when it comes to cybersecurity, and unless they start to move right now, it’s highly likely they could face heavy fines in May 2018.


We have written some main points on how to get GDPR compliant, you can follow the links for some key points. But as with all legislation, each business is different so it’s essential to do further research on what exactly your business needs to comply with.

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