Education, Education, Education!

17/08/2018 14:20

Education and affordable security solutions

We all know the hardships our educational facilities are facing, with cuts and budget spend restrictions. But, in this day and age it has never been more important to safeguard our children's data and information and this requires a strong, secure network in place at their school, college or university.

To aid the education sector, Just Firewalls promises a further 10% off the products a school requires on top of our already low, low prices. To qualify, you must simply prove that you are an education facility which is making the purchase or that you are installing this equipment into a place of education.

You can also join our approved supplier list to gain great incentives and a bonus each year, saving you EVEN MORE!
Find out more about this scheme here.

More about the school cuts and how they affect their security

Schools in England are cutting back on teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) because of financial constraints, a survey for the Sutton Trust suggests.

The poll found 49% of primary schools and 57% of secondaries have cut back on TAs, while 18% of primaries and 54% of secondaries have cut teaching staff.
Information technology (IT) and security equipment as well as trips and outings are also being scaled back, it suggested.
The government said school funding was at record levels.

IT equipment is being cut back by 35% of primaries and 38% of secondaries, the survey of 1,361 teachers by the National Foundation for Educational Research found.

It is important that we stress to the schools that cutbacks in these areas puts many at risk, and offering a discount such as ours can help in making that vital decision to protect that school and its data.

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