NEW Tortoiseshell Trojan group targets US veterans

For those unaware, there is a new malware group in town. The new Tortoiseshell group.

They spread malware designed to steal information from victims and computers that have been infected.

Furthermore, having the ability to spread information through a Remote Access Trojan (RAT), this software allows criminals to remotely access and control an infected device.

The website that Tortoiseshell created to issue malicious behaviour towards veterans was named “Hire Military Heroes” .

Hire Military Heroes convinced vulnerable users to install a malware system without even realising through a “free desktop app” for windows. Researchers at Cisco Talos are the team researching this threat. Cisco described this attack as “a massive shift for Tortoiseshell.” Therefore, has “the potential to allow a large swath of people to become victims of this attack.” This software shows a disguised download process for its application. After trying to run the app, the system alerts the user with a message explaining their security system has terminated the connection. Although, in actual fact, the system has just downloaded 2 viruses.

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