GEN5 Upgrade Programme

Trade in your old SonicWALL to save money your next firewall

SonicWALL has announced it's starting the End of Life (EOL) process on Generation 5 appliances.

Those still running on these legacy models need to act fast before the firewall is no longer usable. SonicWALL will first implement the Last Day of Order which is the last chance users are able to use support and CGSS services.

Without these services the SonicWALL is unable to run at its full protentially and will not be efficiently protecting the network its running on.

Just Firewalls recommends to act sooner rather than later. Choose to upgrade now and you will recieve an exclusive discount when you trade in your appliance. 



Benefits to Trading-Up

  • Impressive throughput speeds with the highest VPN throughput out of all other NGFW competitors.
  • Effective against 99% of spam, phishing, zombie and virus attacks.
  • Examines all traffic regardless of port of protocol unlike most other leading competitors. Identify threats earlier with all data in one place.
  • Event reporting goes through one reporting system to take early measure against threats on the network.
  • Reduce associated costs by having multiple network security technology including anti-malware, intrusion prevention and content filtering on one device.


How to Purchase

To upgrade from a legacy firewall, our specialist advicors are on hand to help you choose which model is best for your business.

Call us on 0808 164 414 to find out if you are eligible and what discount you’re Gen5 firewall appliance can get you!


Not yet a SonicWALL Customer?

We don’t like to leave anyone out. Trading-in competitor appliances using our Trade-up program has never been easier.

Benefit from SonicWALL’s award-winning technology and service with a NGFW SonicWALL and UTM security perfect for small to medium businesses and large business solutions. Call us on the same trade-up number and we can get your current firewall information and asses what we can do for you. Discount your price now, call 0808 16 44414.


Nothing wrong with your Traditional Firewall?

  • Legacy firewalls are very limited. They lack the technology needed to look inside packets and detect malware.
  • Users are able to visit anywhere on the web with no control over end user activity.
  • Hacker activity is unable to be identified.
  • Supplementary products are required for full protection such as anti-malware.