Firebox M300 Appliance | 3 Year Basic Security Suite | WGM30033


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Watchguard M300 Appliance Details

Please note the M300 is now discontinued and lead times may vary or the unit may no longer be available, the replacement is the M370 - call our team for more information

Firewall Throughput 4 Gpbs
Users Up to 150
VPN Throughput 2 Gbps
AV Throughput (subject to subscription) 1.2 Gbps
IPS Throughput (subject to subscription) 2.5 Gbps
UTM Throughput (subject to subscription) 800 Mbps
Interfaces 10/100/1000 8 copper
I/O Interfaces 1 Serial / 2 USB
Concurrent Sessions (bi-directional) 3,300,000
New Connections per Second 48,000
VLANs (bridging, tagging, routed mode) 200
Authenticated users limit 500
Branch Office VPN 75
Mobile VPN with IPsec 100
Mobile VPN SSL/L2TP (incl/max) 100

Includes M300 Firewall Appliance - to be discontinued and replaced by the WatchGuard M370

150 User Firewall
Firewall throughput of up to 4 Gbps to keep traffic moving
Best UTM throughput in its class – up to 800 Mbps – even with strong security enabled
No need to compromise protection for strong performance or vice versa. Multi-layered, interlocking security protects the network while throughput remains high
8 Gigabit Ethernet ports support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures & gigabit WAN connections

Basic Security Suites include
Standard Support (24x7)
Application Control
Gateway Antivirus
Intrusion Prevention Service
Reputation Enabled Defence
Network Discovery.

SKU: WGM30033
The WatchGuard Firebox M300 combines strong security, high performance, and flexible management tools in one affordable solution for small and midsize businesses. Its firewall throughput of 4 Gbps keeps traffic moving and with a UTM throughput of up to 800 Mbps, even with strong security enabled, it is the best in its class. The Firebox M300 boasts 8 1Gb-Ethernet ports and comes with flexible management tools to give administrators access through an intuitive console, scriptable CLI or the Web UI. For the best firewall solutions, contact our expert team.