Just Firewalls

True to our name, Just Firewalls specialises in delivering firewall solutions to a diverse set of clients, ranging from small businesses to enterprise-sized organisations. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of leading firewall solutions at very competitive prices.

Helping all our clients to choose the right firewalls to match their exact business requirements is a high priority for the Just Firewalls team. Without doubt, we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

The project requirements

We initially contacted Ketchup because our existing ecommerce website was underperforming. The site was overly complex and had become cumbersome. Over time, we had accumulated a great deal of unnecessary content and the structure was no longer logical. This was making it very difficult for visitors to quickly navigate and find information on the products that were best suited to their business requirements.

Moreover, the site was nowhere near close to fulfilling our search engine optimisation (SEO) requirements. In addition, the site was running on an old technology that was due to be discontinued by the manufacturer within one year.

So, we needed to migrate to a new updated content management system (CMS) built on modern technology systems. A complete overhaul of the content and design was also required.

Breathing life into the brand

Ketchup began our online improvements with a brand refresh.

Just Firewalls belongs to a parent company called Just Technology (previously called OpenIP). Ketchup developed a new brand logo and identity with a minimal yet modern look-and-feel for Just Firewalls, our parent company, and sister companies Just Cyber Security and Just Connectivity.

The new logos reflect a new level of consistency, professionalism and integration throughout the Just Technology empire, which has had a presence on the market for over a decade.

Ketchup also developed accompanying visual guidelines to ensure consistency across all the Just ventures. This covers all online areas where Just Firewalls has a presence, including the website itself, as well as social media and email campaigns.

Flexible web design with custom integration

The Ketchup team migrated and extended our default CMS, making it possible for anyone to easily create different styles of content based on different designs within any given page on the website.

Customising sections on a page and re-positioning elements on a page is now straightforward and updates can quickly and easily be carried out by our own internal team – giving us more control over our content.

Ketchup’s expert web designers also built the new streamlined and easy-to-navigate site with innovative features to dramatically improve the user experience. For instance, custom integration lets Ketchup’s programmers add hardware bundles (related products) onto the site, and allows visitors to search by SKU codes.

This provides powerful cross-selling capabilities, which automatically appear onscreen while visitors are browsing. Then there are the additional up-selling capabilities, notifying the customer of complementary products based on what’s in their basket.

Ultimately, Ketchup is helping us to fine tune the customer experience and maximise sales opportunities at every interaction point, every time someone visits our site.

SEO-first approach to web design and development

The entire site has been created in line with Ketchup’s SEO-first approach. In other words, the site was not designed and developed until all the relevant SEO requirements had been identified.

Firstly, Ketchup’s SEO specialists ran a detailed analysis on our existing site to identify areas where the site was failing. Then all the key SEO elements and actions (including keywords) were listed out. Once all the SEO details were in place to improve search engine optimisation, Ketchup set about creating a new sitemap and structure that would improve the user experience.

Copywriting core pages

There was a huge amount of copy content on the previous Just Firewalls site. So, Ketchup’s copywriting team set about distilling all this information down into clear, compelling and jargon-free copy for the reader. Their writers also paid close attention to the recommendations that they made at the SEO stage to ensure that all keywords were included within the written content.

The subject matter is highly technical, but Ketchup’s writers rose to the challenge of creating copy that’s easy to digest and easy to understand for all visitors, regardless of their level of technical understanding.