Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service For TZ300 2 Year

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The SonicWALL® Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service delivers advanced spam protection at the gateway. Simply activate the service and stop spam before it enters your network.

SKU: 01-SSC-0633

Top benefits:

  • Easy to activate – Activates with one click, requires minutes to configure. 
  • No MX Record changes – MX Record redirection is not needed. 
  • Works immediately – once activated the service will immediately start to block spam, phishing and virus-laden email. 
  • Saves bandwidth – Blocks and rejects junk email at the gateway, before it enters your network. 
  • Saves time – The TZ or NSA network security appliance is your single point of management for all traffic going through the device, including spam management.


How it works:

  •  Email arrives at the SonicWALL network security appliance. 
  • Junk email is rejected based on Sender IP reputation and additional characteristics. 
  • Remaining email is evaluated to determine if it is good or junk. 
  • Good email is sent to the email server. 
  • Optionally, junk email can be placed in user junk boxes on the email server.