Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS)

It's CGSS With Extra Oomph!

AGSS is the newest release from SonicWALL to protect and block threats like never before. With all the trusted features of Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite but with even more layers of protection.

On this page, we'll share with you all the benefits of the latest version of AGSS and how you can enjoy it for yourself.

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SonicWall AGSS vs. CGSS

Complete with multiple sandbox features, including Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware & Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control Service, SonicWALL's Advanced Gateway Security Suite is its most powerful service yet.

It has all the features you expect from SonicWall's Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS), but AGSS includes Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) which is a revolution in stopping zero-day attacks (which are threats which have not been seen before, or have been seen but not yet patched). ATP stops these attacks at the gateway, i.e., before they enter your network.

The technology behind ATP keeps your network safe from viruses, worms and other nasty attacks through SonicWall's 24/7 database updates. You're network is protected even before software patches can be released.

Some headlines of AGSS are listed below, but you can click here for the full spec. sheet on PDF

• Capture Advanced Threat Protection (Capture ATP)

• Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

• Intrusion Prevention

• Application Intelligence and Control Service

• Dynamically updated signature database

• Content Filtering Service

• Content Filtering Client

• 24/7 Support


Introducing Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

The service multiplies the effectiveness of your threat protection with advanced sandbox capabilities, broad security scopes and rapid response times. This cloud-based revelation protects users against the rising menace of zero-day threats.


See a demonstration of the Capture ATP in action in the video below.



Capture APT provides the powerful combination of not one but three virtual sandboxes to detect more threats in the first of its kind. With no file size limitations, this powerful machine scans traffic with no boundaries.


‘You’re only as good as your last signature’


Capture works as a team effort sharing remediation signatures. Working on a global-threat intelligence infrastructure, when a malicious file is identified on any SonicWALL appliance, a signature is immediately deployed to all machines with Capture subscriptions. Now you are protected from threats you didn’t even know existed.


Why Do I Need Capture ATP On My Firewall?

In 2015, it's estimated that there was a zero-day exploit every week. By 2021, this is expected to be one very day! If your business can't afford to lose time to unkown or unpatched malicious attacks, then it needs to invest in AGSS.


Intelligent Threats

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to protect your network. Advancing threats are becoming more intelligent and being designed to evade sandbox analysis. Threats can now detect the presence of a virtual sandbox and avoid discovery. SonicWALL Capture ATP is the first of its kind to offer multiple sandboxes to prevent advanced threats going unnoticed and stop them in their tracks. The majority of other so-called ‘next-generation’ products are now proved ineffective.



Technical experts are neglecting many devices like mobiles and connected devices. Malware curators are becoming more and more inventive in their quest to exploit our network by creating malware to hide in files and applications on mobiles and connected devices. Because so many network managers forget about mobiles and alternative operating systems as a security risk, it’s being seen as an easy way in to a network. Whether managers are overlooking mobiles and outside devices or are misunderstood in what there network security protects against, many products fail to protect environments outside of Windows. SonicWALL Capture now has a broad file type analysis capability that supports not just Windows but also Android and other types.


Lagging Security

When encountering unknown files entering the system, most security appliances are forced to accept the file and only block once a verdict has been made, this is too late and your system may already be compromised. Capture ATP blocks until verdict to prevent any malicious files entering the network.


Just Firewalls' Selection of AGSS-Ready Firewalls

AGSS is an essential upgrade for anyone concerned about securing their network from intelligent threats.


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With an extensive range of features, AGSS removes the complexity associated with choosing additional add-on services to your security appliances. Whether you’re looking at upgrading existing licences, starting fresh with a brand new SonicWALL or adding on a new licence, AGGS is flexible. All relevant Just Firewalls SonicWALL appliances come with AGSS options. For information on upgrading existing appliances, please contact us on 0808 16 444 14, or contact us by clicking this link.