Advanced Gateway Security Suite Bundle For NSA 4600 3 Year


Product Info

Understanding network security can be complicated, but ensuring that your network is secure from known and unknown malicious threats shouldn't be. SonicWALL™ Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) removes the complexity associated with choosing a host of add-on security services by integrating all the network security service required for total protection into a convenient, affordable package.

Available on SonicWALL TZ, Network Security Appliance (NSA), and SuperMassive firewalls, SonicWALL AGSS keeps your network safe from zero-day attacks, viruses, intrusions, botnets, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malicious attacks. Examine suspicious files at the gateway in a cloud-based multi-layered sandbox for inspection to keep your network safe from unknown threats.

SKU: 01-SSC-1492

AGSS services at a glance

Multi-engine sandbox, Gateway AntiVirus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control1 Service

• Real-time gateway anti-virus engine that scans for viruses, worms, Trojans and other Internet threats in real-time. 
• Dynamic spyware protection blocks the installation of malicious spyware and disrupts existing spyware communications. 
• Powerful intrusion prevention protects against an array of network-based threats such as worms, Trojans and other malicious code. 
• Application intelligence and control provides application classification and policy enforcement. 
• Dynamically updated signature database for continuous threat protection. 
• Multi-engine sandbox to prevent unknown threats such as zero-day attacks and ransomware.

Capture Advanced Threat Protection (Capture ATP)

• Block zero-day attacks before they enter your network. 
• Rapidly deploy remediation signatures to other network security appliances. 
• Establish advanced protection against the changing threat landscape. 
• Analyze a broad range of file types.

Content Filtering Service (CFS)

• Comprehensive content filtering provides customized control of internal access to inappropriate, unproductive and potentially illegal web content. 
• Website ratings cached locally on SonicWALL firewalls make response time to frequently visited sites virtually instantaneous. 
• Dynamically updated rating architecture cross-references all requested websites against a database in the cloud containing millions of URLs, IP addresses and domains and then compares each rating to the local policy setting.

Content Filtering Client

• Extend security and productivity by enforcing Internet use policies on endpoint devices located outside the firewall perimeter with the SonicWALL Content Filtering Client. Available as a separate subscription service for Windows and Mac OS endpoints.

24x7 Support

• Software and firmware updates and upgrades maintain network security to keep your solution as good as new. 
• Around-the-clock access to chat, telephone, email and web-based support for basic configuration and troubleshooting assistance. 
• Advance Exchange hardware replacement in the event of failure. 
• Annual subscription to Dell SonicWALL's Service Bulletins and access to electronic support tools and moderated discussion groups.