Making purchasing simple, quick and easy

The company behind Just Firewalls have been providing IT services since 2006. It’s their mission to provide UK businesses with the best and most comprehensive network security solutions without any hidden agendas.

Just Firewalls provide simple solutions to protect your network. SonicWALL Gold Partners with a comprehensive collection of SonicWALLs you get an array of options to choose from to easily find the best appliance for your business.

Why Us?

Why do I Need a Firewall

Every single business connected to the internet needs a firewall. They provide an extra layer of defence on your network and stop your IT systems being threatened.

More viruses, spam and general malware flood the internet every day. As it advances, standard level security products just won’t make the cut. To effectively block out malware and advanced threats, a firewall is necessary.

Firewalls exist to block, monitor and prevent unauthorised access. They are available as both software and hardware and both essentially do the same core functions, however any business owner worth their salt will have a hardware firewall.

Why Hardware Firewalls

Hardware type firewalls are the only firewalls that protect the whole network. Whereas software based options are required to be installed on each individual computer, the hardware option sits on the network monitoring all web-based traffic before it reaches the machines.

Hardware firewalls come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your business needs they can protect a small number of machines or thousands of machines located across many sites. With Just Firewalls you have the choice on what your staff access on the system, whether you want to limit access to core programs or leave them free to roam the internet… the choice is yours.

Our Just Firewalls have been hand-picked by us to give customers a variety of options to get the very best level of protection no matter what your requirements are.

Why SonicWALL

These are the Next Generation- a firewall that stays a step ahead of current, advancing threats.

Cybercriminals are getting clever. They are consistently creating new ways to penetrate business networks from zero day exploits, supercookies and other internet-borne nuisances. These breaches inevitably lead data theft, identify fraud and in the worst cases money being stolen.

The speed these criminals work, standard firewalls are struggling to keep up with the rapid progression risks Unlike other legacy firewalls and intrusion prevention technologies, the SonicWALL lets absolutely nothing past it without inspecting it first. This means no matter how advanced the threat is, it will be picked up and flagged.

Other tools inspect inbound traffic at face value, meaning they don’t analyse all aspects of the incoming information. SonicWALL’s are nosey machines and will look at everything regardless of the port or protocol. Backed by the SonicWALL Global Response Intelligent Defence (GRID), SonicWALLs are supported by threat intelligence that delivers continuous updates for a strong network against cybercriminals.

Since the beginning, Just Firewalls have recognised they are the best in the business and there is no doubt you will too.

Andy Starr

Managing Director