Firebox M200 3 Year Standard Support Renewal | WG020075


Product Info

Standard Support includes
24x7 support with unlimited incidents per year
4 hour critical/high
8 hour medium
24 hour low targeted response times
Advanced hardware replacement and software updates and patches.

SKU: WG020075
Smaller companies are generally less protected and easier to break into, small business has become the new big target for cyber attacks. The Firebox M200 and M300 firewalls are specifically engineered to defend all types of small businesses against attacks that are no less fierce than those targeting larger organisations.

Firebox M200 and M300 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions are up to 218 percent faster than competing products with all security layers turned on, and up to 385 percent faster performing HTTPS inspection, ensuring businesses never have to compromise network security for performance. This product is for the 3 year licence renewal for standard support.

- Comprehensive Protection

- Real-time Visibility

- Layers of Defence

- Outstanding Performance

- 3 Ways to Manage Your Appliance

- Maximum Network Uptime

- VPN Setup in Seconds

- Block Advanced Persistent Threats

- Data Loss Prevention

SKU WG020075